Our mission is to empower families with the knowledge, resources, and connections they need to achieve financial independence and create positive change. Through a series of events, expert panels, we inspire, inform, and connect you at the Family Power Tour!

Family is Community

Our tour is designed to empower families to create positive change in their communities. We believe in the power of community and collaboration to inspire and motivate families to make a difference for their financial future.

College Students and Parents

Finances for the Family

College students, Parents, and Adults are invited to attend the Family Power Tour for free, enjoying valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Gain valuable insights on Health/Wellness, Legacy Talk, Real Estate, Banking & Taxation, and Family Assets & Business. We also offer general areas on College Resources, Mentorship and Internships, E-Commerce panels, and more.


JANUARY 11, 2024


Government departments and non-profit organizations cansubmit resources that can benefit families and help them create positive change in their communities. If you have valuable insights, resources, or programming that can empower families and enhance their knowledge and skills, we encourage you to submit them for consideration. 


Are you a financial or tax advisor, health professional, or speaker with expertise in areas like banking, real estate, taxation, or family assets and business? We’re looking for knowledgeable and engaging speakers to be included in our panel discussions and marketplace at the Family Power Tour. 

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