How a Nonprofit is Tackling Homelessness and Addiction in Detroit

Chad Audi is the President and CEO of Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping men, women, and children overcome homelessness and addiction in the Detroit area. Audi, who has been with DRMM for over 20 years, has led the organization through a period of significant growth and expansion, increasing its capacity to provide critical services to those in need.

DRMM operates a variety of programs and services aimed at addressing the complex issues that contribute to homelessness and addiction. Its services include emergency shelter, transitional housing, substance abuse treatment, job training, and more. The organization also provides critical support services such as mental health counseling and medical care.

One of the unique aspects of DRMM is its holistic approach to addressing homelessness and addiction. The organization recognizes that these issues are often deeply interconnected with other challenges such as poverty, unemployment, and mental health issues. As a result, DRMM offers a range of services designed to address these challenges in a comprehensive and coordinated way.

Under Audi’s leadership, DRMM has expanded its reach and impact in the Detroit area. The organization now operates several facilities across the city, including the Detroit Rescue Mission, the Genesis House II women’s shelter, and the DRMM Thrift Stores. In addition, DRMM has developed partnerships with other organizations in the community to provide even more comprehensive services to those in need.

The impact of DRMM’s work is significant. In 2021 alone, the organization provided over 900,000 meals, sheltered over 1,600 people, and provided addiction treatment to over 500 individuals. Through its programs and services, DRMM is helping individuals and families break the cycle of homelessness and addiction and build more stable, successful lives.

Chad Audi and DRMM have received numerous awards and recognitions for their work, including the 2021 Detroit Free Press Michiganian of the Year Award and the 2018 Crain’s Detroit Business Nonprofit of the Year Award. Audi has also been recognized as one of Crain’s Detroit Business’ 40 under 40 honorees.

The work of Chad Audi and Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries is incredibly important, particularly in a city like Detroit where the issue of homelessness and addiction is particularly acute. By providing a path out of these challenges, DRMM is helping to build a stronger and more resilient community for all.

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